11 2014

How To Install Our Toilet Seat BidetSPSBidets Tech Team

Currently we are only offering the elongated version of our toilet seat bidet. It can be adjusted to fit on a round toilet but is better fitted for an elongated.

After locating the desired toilet, identify the location of the water shut off valve and the water inlet of the toilet tank.

STEP 1 - 2 : Close this shut off valve and hold down the handle to flush the toilet until water stops running from the top tank into the bowl.


STEP 3 - 4 : After emptying the top tank, we can remove the water hose from the water inlet on the bottom of the top tank. After removal of the hose, we can attach the included specialty T-Fitting to the water inlet on the bottom of the top tank.


STEP 5 - 6 : Reattach the water hose to the bottom of the T-Valve now on the water inlet. Now remove the original toilet seat from the toilet. Most toilet seats may require a philips screwdriver and pliers to remove their bolts.


STEP 7 - 8 : Wipe clean the area of the mounting bolts. After it appears clean, lube the rubber inserts using liquid soap, and push them into place.

STEP 9 : With the inserts in place, position the mounting bracket over the mounting holes. Place the included metal braces inside of the mounting bracket over the mounting holes. Using your philips screwdriver, install the screws, turning until tight.


STEP 10 - 11 : Slide your SPS Bidet Toilet Seat into position over the mounting bracket until you hear a click. This will lock your toilet seat in place. After your seat in mounted, push one end of the provided PEX pipe into the fitting located on the toilet seat and push the other end of the PEX pipe into the fitting on the T-Valve mounted on the toilet tank.

STEP 12 : Plug your toilet seat bidet into a GFCI Outlet. Enjoy!

At SPS Bidets we try our best to help our customers during the installation of their new toilet seat bidet. Every installation is different and there is no guarantee that you may not need extra fittings or connectors. If you need help during installation, please do not hesitate to call our tech support line at (219)595-8936.

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